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How To Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog

Blogging is a great way to make money online, especially if you combine it with affiliate marketing. Your blog should be the hub of all your marketing activity, so make the most of it with great content.

The content you create can help sell products. It can also help you gain subscribers for your email marketing lists, so you can build a relationship with these prospective customers.

Types of Content That Will Help Sell Affiliate Products

There are a number of different types of content that can help you sell affiliate products.

1. Articles and Posts

These can provide the context for your affiliate link. Discuss a common problem, then offer an affiliate product as a solution.

2. Reviews

Give an honest review of the affiliate product you are trying to sell. Either ask the vendor for a free copy, or buy it yourself. Keep the receipt in case you want to return it. If you decide to keep it, use the receipt to write off the cost of the item on your taxes. Create a review that emphasizes how life will change for the better once they buy the product.

3. Video Reviews and Demonstrations

Even better, why not create video reviews and demonstrations? This can get your target audience really excited about the product.

4. Comparison Tables and Charts

These will take some time and research, but they help position the affiliate product you want to sell so that it compares favorably with other similar products. Note the main features, price and so on.

5. Pre-sell pages

Sometimes an affiliate product you wish to sell is really good, but the sales letter created by the vendor is not that great. It might leave out important details or not have a strong enough call to action. In this case, you can create a pre-sell page that fills in these gaps and gets people excited. In this way, they might be ready to buy as soon as they click, and the bad sales letter won’t matter.

6. Email Landing Page for Lead Generation

One of the main problems with affiliate marketing is that you spend a lot of time and effort driving traffic to your site, or vendor sites. If they click over to the vendor without ever interacting with you, you will never see these visitors again in most cases.

Putting them on an email marketing list means having a chance to build a relationship with them. It also means putting many affiliate offers in front of them via email.

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