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Anthony Sabatino’s Latest Single Release, “Leshen”, Will Haunt You Down – IndiePulse Music Magazine

Los Angles and Kansas-based producer and composer Anthony Sabatino have written music for over 100 films, video games, and television productions. A former Berklee College of Music graduate also produces electronic dance music under the name “Moose with a Scarf”. Recently on October 28, Anthony Sabatino released a thrilling EDM track called “Leshen”.with a detailed haunting music video.

The EDM track is 4 min and 21 sec long, but the music video directed by Anthony and co-director Christ Hackett has a plot with captivating characters that is nearly eight minutes long. The short film starts with a group excited about an adventurous night out. But once the dark rises, what happens next is a haunted thriller that becomes even scarier with the composition in the background.

“Leshen” starts with a set of harmonics arrangements well-versed with a sense of horror in the counter melody. Then the EDM beats enter the track, making it sound like an exciting thriller capturing the horror story.

The track changes its phase multiple times in the middle following the riddles of melody and counter melody. Any listener will be drawn to the mid-tempo bass noises that are drenched in pure terror and misery.

The overall experience of “Lesen” will keep you awake from your fears, and the music will resonate in your mind for a long time.

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