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“Betrayed Too Much” by Canny Lando – IndiePulse Music Magazine

Canny Lando has released his song “Betrayed Too Much.” This song is about the betrayals of love that Canny Lando has felt throughout his life. It is perfectly suited for anyone who has been betrayed in a relationship. It would also make a great listen for anyone who enjoys listening to Hip Hop music. 

“Betrayed Too Much” introduces listeners to the beat, consisting of deep and heavy bass, high-pitched synths, and a drum kit. Listeners will also begin to hear Canny Lando, in a pitched-down voice, sing lyrics such as “I’m betrayed too much,” instantly introducing the song’s title. In the first verse, Canny Lando describes what it is like to be betrayed, with the lyric “Can’t really talk now sorry bye” used to depict how others are treating him. He also acknowledges that he is hurt because of this betrayal. This is proven by repeating lyrics such as “I can’t really feel love, no” and “I got love issues.” With “Betrayed Too Much,” Canny Lando has created a song that can be easily enjoyed by both his current fans and first-time listeners. It is a relatable track with a melody bound to be remembered even after listening. 

To listen to “Betrayed Too Much” by Canny Lando on Spotify, visit this link (https://open.spotify.com/track/5LhXKIa90R0RvmWXYzZ9JE?si=kejB0qtCRTuVKC1wyR0TyA&nd=1).

To follow Canny Lando on Instagram, visit this link (https://www.instagram.com/cannylando/?hl=en). 

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