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Caracol Releases “Infinity” (SINGLE) – IndiePulse Music Magazine

Caracol is an artist that defies labels — the phrase has been used to exhaustion, and on artists that fit within very easy labels, but in her case, it’s true. Born to an Uruguayan father and a Swiss mother, her Montreal-based bilingual music is an amalgamation of everything there is to love about independent pop with an emphasis on what it means to march to the beat of your drum… and whatever other instruments she happens to have on hand. Already five albums into her career with a sixth on the way to mark her English-language debut (out Spring 2023), there’s been a breadth of material covered within the last decade or so of Caracol’s musical career; still, it’s safe to say that nothing is quite like “Infinity,” her latest single featuring Mike Clay.

“Infinity” is poppy and danceable in the best ways, and a perfect bilingual dance track to keep the flames of summer fanned and burning. The ways Caracol interweaves the English and French languages are flawless and give the song a beautiful uniqueness about it in the same vein as indie artist Mitski’s “First Love/Late Spring” or DJ Snake’s crossover hit “Taki Taki,” which featured international icons Selena Gomez and Cardi B. The latter is especially dialed into with “Infinity” as both tracks could segue into one another in any popping nightclub on a weekend night. The vibes are the focus first and foremost, with the lyrics almost working as an instrument of their own more than dialogue or a vessel from the artist.

While the English version of “Infinity” is fairly new to audiences, the French version of “Infinity” has already gone on to reach Quebec’s Top 30 radio charts for 12 consecutive weeks, with over 200,000 streams already in its pocket; the bilingual angle is something a lot of artists wish they could corner, but very few can do it believably. Caracol inhabits the confident new era with a smile and never falters.

There’s still not a lot of information out on what Caracol has planned for fans in regards to her upcoming record release but the pivot to the English language is an enticing enough perspective to keep the audience waiting with bated breath. “Infinity” is a marvelous sampler of what’s to come, surely, and there’s little doubt that the next singles released will be any different in energy levels than this club anthem. I can even imagine a few remixes of “Infinity” seeing a release in the lead-up to the album to give the international star more angles and sounds to play from — the deft awareness of what it takes to make a song chart is on full display, but the single never feels like a calculated move. It’s a song to dance to, first and foremost, and the laidback, free of inhibitions mindset that permeates “Infinity” from start to finish is an infectious dance party between your ears — just add headphones. Caracol is ready to enter the English language with her arms and eyes wide open, and we’re ready for her!

Mindy McCall

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