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“Clearly” by Sisters J – IndiePulse Music Magazine

Sisters J is ready to snatch up countless new fans with their latest single “Clearly”. The immaculate build of the song from muted beginnings into a vibrant and surging pop rock piece with just enough teeth and gravitas to counterbalance the beauty of their voices. Lily and Elisabeth Jackson are lifelong singers, you can tell, and they perform a song that describes falling in love with such literal and matter-of-fact detail that it sounds ripped from the pages of everyday life. They do an excellent job of portraying those initial golden moments when someone capturing your heart propels you to a higher place.

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A brief restrained yet colorful introduction precedes a steady yet full-bodied pulse. It doesn’t matter if the drumming is a studio confection or the product of a player positioned behind his kit as the song’s production achieves the same effect. The metronomic consistency gives “Clearly” an indestructible foundation for the sisters to sing over and the effect of their dazzling vocal harmonies and interplay is akin to bright lights filling the air around you. It is rare when you can sing any sing communicates unmitigated joy with their singing. You can say that about “Clearly” Sisters J has been blessed to have their new single Clearly in the hands of professional music producer Ted “Theo” Perlman, which only made this song even more powerful.

You can also say that Sisters J began recording this song well aware of what they hoped to achieve. There isn’t any hint during the song of the sisters missing their self-appointed mark nor taking any short cuts in an attempt to please their audience. It is a natural and often breathtaking evolution from the duo’s already fine prior releases and, if nothing else, underlines the fact that they are far from a proverbial flash in the pan.

They will be with us for many years to come unless destiny drags them in a different direction. It is doubtful. The sisters sing like two vocalists with the love for performance coursing through their blood and it isn’t something that someone turns their back on with ease. Their passion for what they do burns through during “Clearly” and it is always tempered with a firm grasp on brevity rather than laying the goodness on too thick for listeners.

You see that in the song’s running time. The Sisters J have a perfectly crafted single on their hands with “Clearly” that refrains from biting off more than they can chew and instead focuses on spotlighting their abundant strengths. It’s a proven formula for success for the duo and we can expect they will continue expanding on its possibilities with each new release. “Clearly”, however, is an early peak that will follow them for the remainder of their performing careers. They are responsible for creating a musical moment that listeners of many different stripes will hear and embrace without a second thought.

Suspend whatever shallow judgments you may have and hear them out. We have all known such judgments, we’ve suffered under their yoke as well, and we can concede if nothing else, that the Sisters J are recording and releasing material aimed towards bringing joy into an individual’s life. “Clearly” is the best example yet of that and there will be more to come. 

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