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Dici Drops New Single – IndiePulse Music Magazine

Dici has experienced an impressive run of commercial success since first debuting a short time ago. His social media engagement totals alone are staggering. Dici’s made full use of TikTok’s potential for reaching new listeners and boasts well over 100k followers. His music has made a huge impact, as well, on other platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. His star is ascending.

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It is not shooting. Many pop performers, practically by definition, are doomed to a short shelf life and many of those same performers are happy with that. Pop music success is a sort of lottery quasi-roulette wheel where aspiring singers/musicians/performers bet the house on supposedly sure winners in hopes of making a killing. They either clean up or crap out. The lyrics for Dici’s “Beautiful Collision”, however, are making a statement and he crafts an arrangement tailored to its aims.

The song is a major departure for Dici. The young performer’s past work features him as a rapper, but Dici abandons that here for relatively conventional vocals free of any hip-hop delivery. Some of his phrasing, especially earlier in the cut, skirts the edges of the genre without ever taking him back fully into familiar territory. He lays some digital effects over his voice, however, that dilutes the impact of his performance.

His musical backing comes across as pre-programmed. Do not mistake this statement for criticism, however. Dici’s arrangement for “Beautiful Collision” has color and generates surprising momentum despite its nearly total digitization. Some might even say it has a light techno flavor that keeps it in the street all the while. Dici’s percussion for the song is the best part because it is the song’s musical energy center and has inexhaustible, even playful, pop.

Dici will turn a few heads, as well, with the song’s music video. He’s working again with director Brian Bayeri, the man responsible for helming Dici’s earlier “Left to Right” clip. The twosome interjects an atmospheric and intrigue-laden narrative as a visual counterpoint for the song and the participants play their roles out well. Part of Dici’s success thus far has been his unwavering commitment to fully realized releases. It is not just a single, it is a package deal, and one of the year’s best

We’re dealing with a major talent here. Don’t hear the pop trappings driving this or any other Dici tune and dismiss him as just another pop pretty face. Even a cursory listen to the words for this track and the insight filling his observations reveals a five-star talent capable of withstanding the vagaries of the music business.

He has got the right “stuff” to make more than a fun “run” of this – instead, we should be discussing an extensive list of credits when we are talking about Dici in a few years. Dici’s “Beautiful Collison” is the next step in a journey that will take listeners through the artist’s life and heart. It is worth every song and mile. 

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