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Following “Work” Christian Rich’s Back To Back Single Release With “Verde” – IndiePulse Music Magazine

American-born, Berlin-based DJ/Producer twin duo Christian Rich’s latest single, “Verde”, is storming the major streaming platforms. The song got released under the label Waterproof Colors on 18th November. A week earlier, they released their first song of this year, “Work”, featuring renowned artists Juicy J, Vic Mensa, and Armani Caesar.

The amazing fact about the track “Verde” is some of the most famous pop & hip-hop figures collaborated on this track. Michael Brun, Simi, Mystro, Crayon, and Vic Mensa, big names, indeed prove how powerful Christian Rich duo’s production is.

When a group of talented people is working under the same roof, it is bound to be a breakthrough work, and the same goes for the single “Verde”. The flow of music and the artists’ amazing voices give heavenly feelings of what music should taste like. After listening to the track, its catchy melody still rings in the subconscious mind and keeps engaged in the song.

Christian Rich duo is already praised with grammy nominations two times. With singles like “Verde”, the twin brother deserves the highest honor. Whether you agree or disagree, it certainly takes them a step ahead in the hip-hop music world.

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