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Hot Half Dozen 10.25.22 – IndiePulse Music Magazine

260 songs, albums. video submitted this week. It was tough picking the top 6, even after I put Taylor Swift’s new album in the BONUS category

260 submissions this week

Bruja, single by Alih Jey. Hot, sexy, mysterious  like the witch it is named for,  and as only Alih Jey can do it. Makes you dance, excites your body and pierces your heart. Stream on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes. Spanish.

Mal, single by Caroh.  From  her new album, Coloimetríia, she is vulnerable, distant dreamy.…until she lets loose and buries you in  urgent emotion and sophisticated guitar-led composition. You will put this one on your top playlist just to listen over and over and over. Check out the full album. Stream on Spotify, Apple Music, deezer, tidal. Spanish.

Color of Light and Water, single/video by Sara Noelle. Like you are inside a ripple on a pound, intense, but calming. Her voice seems to come from a different dimension, but it curls around you like a loving caress. Available on Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud.

Feels Like Home, album by Linda Ronstadt. Putumayo World Music and Linda Ronstadt collaborated to create this musical odyssey of her songs from the Sonoran Borderlands. The  first female solo superstar of our time, with music steeped in ranchera and her Mexican-American upbringing, Stream on Spotify and all  major platforms.

My Heart , single  by Nora O’Connor. Title song from the new album,  My Heart is light, fun, and sincere.  O’Connor’s piano-led soundscape is simply a joy to listen to. Check out the whole album.  Stream on Spotify.

Live at Power Station ,  album by Vanessa Collier . She rocks! Named the Contemporary Blues Female Artist of 2022 and the Blues Blast Horn Player of 2022, you know this album is going to go full tilt and make you happy and dance – and it does. Ten songs, each one dynamite . Available on all major platforms.

BONUS Taylor Swift Midnights. Enough said.

Patrick O’Heffernan

Banner photo of Vanessa Collier and Danielle Nicole by Pamela Paulhamas

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