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Hot Half Dozen 11/29/22 – IndiePulse Music Magazine


Light week, only 160 submissions, but some real gems, including the 95-year old Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

Light week, only 160 submissions

Angela Alvarez, single by Angela Alvarez. At 95 years old, it was a surprise that she received the latin Grammy for Best New Artist, sharing it with Silvana Estrada. In fact she has been songwriting and singing most of her almost century-long life. This  album is the embodiment of classic Cuban music, her still lovely voice framed by trumpets and Latin beats. Stream on Spotify. Spanish.

No Todo Fue Mala, single by Elsa y Elmar. Spooky, haunting, beautiful. An acquired taste, but worth every second of listening. Stream it on  Spotify and see why they were in the running for a Latin Grammy. Spanish.

We’re Changing, 2-song EP by Freja the Dragon. Freja gets down and dirty with this experimental rock/pop piece that showcases her voice that is both scary and sweet.  Stream on all major platforms.  

Solid Ground, single/live video by Lo Marie. She rocks! She does movin’  groovin’ blues at its best wit a band just does not stop. Live video on YouTube.

Lo Marie

Nobody Will Mind, single by Aygyul. Be true to yourself is not new in music lyrics, but Aygyul means it after hiding who she is for years. Russian-born, Austria-raised, she knows how to write, compose, sing and really connect. Check out the fun video on YouTube or stream on Spotify.

Keep Going, album by Dave Jordan. Blues but more. This is deep down Louisiana blues but he puts a personal touch on each song so they each take you someplace different. Truly brilliant. Stream on Spotify.  


Escandalo, single/video  by Mariachi Herencia de Mexico.. Stream on Spotify, don’t miss the video on YouTube. Spanish.

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