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James Roan and Richy B Set to Release Album “Elements of Life” – IndiePulse Music Magazine

It’s times like these in the sport of hip-hop that we need something fresh and new. We are at a pivotal time, currently most music nowadays have similar sounds and themes especially in the rap genre. Currently, artists are able to access musical equipment, as well as creating their own brands via Social Media and PR. James has started from nothing re-launching his whole career over from scratch in late 2020 which isn’t easy to do. He decided it was the best thing he could’ve done up to this point. He then linked up with fellow Miami producer Richy B for his third studio album. This collaboration effort between the two will surely deliver quality music that game’s been missing. Richy is one of the most talented producers in the game. He plays multiple instruments and has a very good ear for music. When you get a skilled & talented artist and producer to form a super duo, you’re bound to get something special.

The album is set to around around a dozen or so tracks, each of them brining a different element hence the title of the album. “Elements of life” depicts all types of emotions that makes us human such as love, pain, passion, addiction, fear, lust, happiness, depression, motivation, mental health and much more. What makes this project so different other than the sounds itself is that it focuses on themes of life and how we can get through it. “No matter the struggle, we can all get though it together” James said. We are very excited to see what will come our way. Expect to hear synths, piano, guitar and other native instruments on display. Roan’s lyricism, song structuring and harmonies along with Richy’s touch on the boards will be like Lebron James and Dwyane Wade alley-ooping to each other.

The record will be out sometime before the end of the year on all streaming services. There will also be documentaries, commercials, music videos and other content to help support the album even further!

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