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Phantom Reveals Southern Hip Hop at its best! – IndiePulse Music Magazine

Rapper and producer, Phantom, Reps his state with his hit song titled, “Tennessee” which is sure to get fans out of their seats at every sporting event. Whether you’re a Tennessee Titan, Memphis Grizzly, or a Tennessee Vol, let’s unite to celebrate what it means to be the volunteer State!!!!!!!

The track is produced by Albert Whitehead, AKA ALAZAE, for beat accountants hailing from the west side of Chicago with major placements on TV and movies; gold selling records produced for hip hop groups; do or die crucial conflict; and Scarface, just to name a few.

ALAZAE also produced and groomed Lupe Fiasco before he landed his major record deal.

ALAZAE was thrilled to work with Phantom. He believes it’s never to late to make an impact in the music industry. Phantom feels his home state of Tennessee is fill with rich tradition in music and sports. 

Check Out His Latest Video Now on YouTube!

So, the creation took on a life on its own in the studio. Working with Edward Butler on the mix and Dave Darlington on the mastering, the Tennessee track was born and released on DGE/Bungalo/Universal Music Group.

Phantom is ready to take the stage in 2023. He hopes to gain support from local, college and FM radio stations all throughout the state of Tennessee. For interviews, press, and TV opportunities contact 702-569-8541.






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