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Looking for a New Robot Vacuum? Check Out these Hot Deals!

Looking for a new robot vacuum cleaner? We’re gathering the ultimate deals for the best robot vacuums!

robot vacuum on area rug

Ditch the broom and let a robot vacuum do the work for you!

Although it won’t totally replace your conventional vacuum, robot vacuums can definitely make your housework easier! While they aren’t perfect, they are definitely an asset. Most of them can be set on a schedule, and many can mop your floors, too!

This recent invention can get a little pricey, though. For that reason, not only are we sharing why we enjoy our robot vacuums, but we are also giving you the latest deals on these handy devices, starting at just $89!

LiDAR shellbot vacuum in box

Here are just a few reasons why our team personally loves a good robot vacuum:

“We are in the process of renovating our home and had tile flooring done in December. As soon as it was finished I went and bought my first robot vacuum. I did a ridiculous amount of research and figured out what features were a must-have before purchasing the Ecovacs Deebot T10+, it wasn’t cheap, I got it for $599 on sale (reg. $950), but I seriously think it’s the best thing I’ve ever bought for our home.

I have it scheduled to run once a day and it vacuums and mops! We have 2 dogs, 3 cats, and two kids, which means a lot of dirt and hair! It has object detection so we won’t have any bathroom mishaps, it self-docks to empty into a large dustbin that I only have to dump out about once a month, and it keeps our floors clean!

It also has a built-in air freshener that sprays each room after vacuuming which I thought was really unnecessary when I bought it but actually I love it! I love coming home to my house smelling great and the floors clean!” – Liz, Hip Teammate

“I love mine!! It’s on a schedule, to run in the morning after the kids leave for school. You still need to sweep and mop regularly but I feel like it helps maintain some type of clean, especially when my floors get a lot of traffic!” – Rachel, Hip Teammate

“I use mine about once every other week and love love love it. It’s great for routine cleanings for cat hair and dust that accumulates. And I love that I can control it all through my phone. I monitor the progress, change the suction, direct it to specific areas, add ‘no-go zones’, and all that good stuff.

A couple of negatives are that they have pretty small dust chambers, so I find myself needing to dump it after every cleaning. Also, you need to be diligent about cleaning/inspecting the floor before it starts cleaning. Cords, ribbons, string, miscellaneous items under furniture, etc. – anything small and lightweight that you don’t know is in the path of the vacuum will get sucked up and can get stuck, requiring you to spend some time cleaning/fixing the brush.

I find robot vacuums to be super convenient and I highly recommend, though as other team members mentioned, I have other vacuums for more heavy duty and targeted cleaning tasks.” – Emily, Hip Teammate

Check out these current robot vacuum deals…

Ionvac has four cleaning modes.

ionvac Robot Vacuum on the floor

This robot vacuum features sensors to detect walls and stairs while it cleans, and it has four cleaning modes that can be programmed with the app. With up to 100 minutes between charges, it can easily clean your home on a single charge and it automatically heads back to the dock when the battery is running low.

“Oh, my gosh. What don’t I love about this little helper!! I am a busy mom of two messy little girls. I can go about my day and have clean floors. And the best part it also collects all the dust bunnies I had under my bed that I couldn’t reach with my broom.

The suction is amazing. It goes over my exercise mat for my machine. And my area rugs. It does have a hard time finding its charging station when I tell it to go back to charge. I love that I can control the vacuum from work. And have the floors cleaned by the time I get home. A busy mom’s dream!”

This iRobot option offers ultimate suction. 

iRobot Roomba

This iRobot from Kohl’s is a very reliable option with over 400 reviews. It uses 10x powerlifting suction, and the exclusive Kohl’s bundle includes a virtual wall (batteries included), which is a $60 value.

“This is the fourth Roomba I have owned. This is by far the best one! It cleans the entire first level of our home daily. It stops to recharge and then finishes the job and it does an amazing job. We have a Lab so plenty of dog hair. However, this Roomba does such an amazing job picking up all of the hair. I love it!”

This ECOVACS model is a dual robot vacuum and mop.

ECOVACS Robotics

Looking for a robot vacuum and mop combo? The ECOVACS T8 does it all! It also detects walls and furniture, so you won’t have to intervene during cleanup.

“This is my 4th ECOVAC robot. Each one has shown improvements. This is the best thus far. My biggest issue with past robots was bumping into furniture. This one does not bump into furniture …. unless the battery gets too low and it tries to return to the charging base quickly.

The dual brushes that extended beyond the edge make perfect sweeps around the chair legs while the robot does not run into the chair legs. I do recommend this robotic vacuum.”

Bissell has reliable sensors for detecting different types of floors. 

BISSELL - SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum

While many are hesitant to utilize the mop features on these robotic vacuums, this Bissell option uses a Soft Surface Avoidance Sensor, meaning it can tell when to avoid rugs and other areas that shouldn’t be mopped.

“I love how great this cleans floors, at first we didn’t remove the white tabs on the side and it kept running into stuff and we thought it was broken. After reading online about them I took them out and it functions great!”

This eufy robot vacuum pairs with your smart speaker.

eufy robot vacuum cleaner

This eufy robot vacuum can actually be paired with your voice if you have a smart home speaker like Alexa! Its drop-sensing technology allows it to stay on level surfaces, avoiding falls down stairs or other steep drop-offs.

“So far I am really enjoying it. I only have hard floors and it keeps them looking great. Pros 1. Picks up all of the pet hair (1 dog and 2 cats) 2. Battery lasts a long time on hard floors 3. It doesn’t make enough noise to be annoying 4. My cats find it very entertaining.

Cons: 1. Sometimes it can’t find the base. 2. You can’t map the floors out or put up boundaries 3. It sometimes gets wedged up under the couch and I have to fix it. I couldn’t let this run while sleeping because the kids leave too much stuff out that can get stuck in the brushes. So I usually let it run while I’m doing other things around the house. I got this on sale and it was definitely worth the price. I would buy another and I plan on buying a version that allows mapping and running them both.”

girl sleeping with small guitar next to robot vacuum

This low-profile eufy RoboVac is only 2.85″ tall for cleaning under furniture. It operates quietly, even with an increased suction power of 1300 Pa. When deep cleaning is needed, it automatically increases suction power, too!

“It’s the best thing that I’ve bought in a long time. It cleans the floor so well that I don’t need to do mopping! It’s slim and goes under my sofa and tv unit easily. Remote is user-friendly. Battery life is excellent – more than 2 hours it’s worked on a full charge and still not discharged. Extremely happy with it.

Wyze robot vacuum cleans at a record-breaking pace.

wyze robot vacuum

This top-notch Wyze robot vacuum contains 2,100Pa of suction power, cleaning your home at the speed of light! If you don’t feel like picking up your wire and cables, you can actually prohibit certain areas so your vacuum will avoid them.

“This is my 1st experience with any robotic vacuum and I am extremely glad I made this purchase! This thing is amazing! It maps out the house and then you can choose which rooms to vacuum or just do the whole house. So far, it hasn’t gotten stuck anywhere or on anything or even gotten clogged up. It cleans very thoroughly and you can track it with the app.

When it is finished cleaning it returns to the charging base. The only thing that I don’t like is that it doesn’t remind you to empty the dustbin when it is finished cleaning. Overall, I love it and would absolutely buy it again!”

iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum

This iRobot Roomba 694 has over 18,000 reviews! People love its three-stage cleaning system which loosens, lifts, and suctions. It also adapts navigation as it learns the layout of your home. At this price, it’s an awesome value!

“I purchased the 694 model in early February 2023 and I definitely have a “relationship” with my Roomba that I have never had with any other vacuum. By relationship, I mean it is a tool that I respect and give maintenance after a day or so of vacuuming my 3500 sq. foot home.

With other vacuums, about all I ever did was change the bag. With the Roomba, I clean it after use, clean out string/hair/fur etc. from the brushes and the wheels, empty the bin and clean the filter and wipe down the surfaces before sending her back to her charging station. I want to take good care of her because she has made my life so much easier and I am delighted at the cleaner home that I now live in with minimal effort on my part. She does a great job.

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