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This Modern Hammock Bed Fits Perfectly in My Backyard (+ $60 Off!)

This modern outdoor chaise hammock bed from Abba Patio is the perfect addition to any backyard!

Abba Patio Double Chaise Lounge Hammock Bed with Sun Shade and Wheels

Looking for a fun addition to your backyard?

Outdoor furniture is not cheap, but if the quality is going to hold up, it’s definitely worth it. That’s why when I (or should I say my dogs 😂) had the chance to try out this modern outdoor hammock bed from Abba Patio, I couldn’t resist! It can be quite the task of choosing the right furniture for your backyard or patio with so many things to consider including price, size, weather resistance, and fabric.

While this lounger is regularly priced around $270 (understandably so given the size and quality), it’s currently on sale for $209.99! 🙌 But the fun doesn’t stop, as for a limited time, you can score an additional 15% off your order when you use our exclusive promo code HIP2SAVE15 at checkout!

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dogs on abba patio hammock bed

abba patio chaise double lounger

For starters, even though I don’t get tons of rain where I live, it’s nice to know it is water-resistant and has a quick-dry feature so I don’t have to worry about the rain damaging it. It can fit two people and up to 500 pounds. It also has wheels so that when it’s assembled, it’s easy to move around.

Pro tip: Make sure you also measure you have enough space to fit this in your yard as it is quite large. 😄

Abba Patio Double Chaise Lounge Hammock Bed with Sun Shade and Wheels

It really is like a bed with shade from the sun! In fact, the sunshade is one of the best features as it allows you to keep cool even on sunny days! I know my family, especially my dogs, have already enjoyed taking some naps on it. When you’re looking to catch some rays, you can adjust the shade to let more light in and use it as a pool lounger.

Abba Patio Double Chaise Lounge Hammock Bed with Sun Shade and Wheels

As far as the building process, that was a toughie for me, and I put it together backward initially LOL! It’s a bit like putting together IKEA furniture with pieces and picture directions.

My husband and son were able to swoop in, disassemble everything I did, and put it together faster than I did in about an hour. I then realized after all this that there’s a video in the listing showing how to assemble. Make sure you watch that first. 🤣

woman holding user manual for hammock bed

My favorite part was decorating this! It’s fun to add lots of pillows and blankets to make things extra soft and cozy! I can see my daughter and her friends piling on and watching an outdoor movie or relaxing outside. I plan on reading a book on it this weekend!

Another pro tip: If you live in a windy area, you may want to figure out a way to secure it better because high winds could launch it into the air. Tying it down or securing it to a fence would likely help. Aside from this, I really love this hammock bed as it’s the perfect addition to my backyard, and I recommend it to anyone looking for outdoor furniture built for relaxing!

Abba Patio Double Chaise Lounge Hammock Bed with Sun Shade and Wheels

Still on the fence? Here are some other reviews:

“Comfortable and sturdy! We have had it for about a month and so far so good. The material is thick! No problems/worries with my Doberman parkouring off of it.”

“LOVE IT! Bought this last year. We had no trouble with assembly. It is so easy to move out of the way when mowing because of the wheels and how lightweight the unit is! It is so comfy and our two pits love it as much as we do!”

Abba Patio Double Chaise Lounge Hammock Bed with Sun Shade and Wheels

Even though there are some folks who are still dealing with cooler weather, this would make a wonderful gift for anyone looking forward to enjoying some relaxation on the patio or in the backyard this summer, or for those who live in hotter climates year-round like me! ☀️

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