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Jenn Connor Offers A New Upbeat Track, “Insecurities” – IndiePulse Music Magazine

Jenn Connor is a Canadian-based artist who prefers substance over flash but also knows how to illuminate audiences with her sound. Her latest single, “Insecurities,” is as simple as it gets, conceptually, but also sincere and heartfelt. As a music teacher, it’s important to Jenn that her work be as widely accessible as possible. She’s autonomous and accomplished, she graduated from the College of Sports Media in 2021. She then opened the Jennifer Connor Studio Of The Arts this year, aiming to share her passion and expertise with aspiring artists while pursuing her own singing career. 

With a Dance Pop backdrop and elements of EDM, “Insecurities” is a song designed to both emotionally resonate and move your feet. Connor is sure to compose material that is relatable to both youth and adult audiences. “Insecurities” examines relationship dynamics in a straightforward and direct manner. It has themes of jealousy, doubt, and alienation but doesn’t irrevocably plunge into those feelings. Jenn sounds young and innocent, which stands to widen her appeal to those who are experiencing their first relationship woes.

Jenn Connor flexes excellent verbal dexterity and agility on “Insecurities.” She has a unique way of phrasing, which allows her to stand out in subtle ways. The song shows off her vocal ability and range without insistence by not featuring a bevy of grandiose or bombastic high notes. Her talent as a Singer is defined by her distinctive style and play on syllables. You could say that she has a more clever approach than what you generally hear from this genre.

“Insecurities” blends a few different styles but maintains a sense of totality overall. It sticks to the traditional formula of verse/chorus/bridge, and Connor duplicates her lines throughout each section. She’s a talented songstress who doesn’t favor musicality over narrative or vice versa. By her own admission, she makes a conscious effort to serve several masters but avoids becoming something dismissive in the process. She comes across a bit like Jewel during her “Intuition” phase but sounds much less contrived and more authentic.

Jenn Connor, who also works as a model and a streamer, offers a distinctive vibe with her latest single. She has polite confidence about her that allows “Insecurities” to feel just slightly different. This song is more for music fans than those simply seeking a beat. Her commitment to her craft and integrity is refreshing, and she seems poised to continue to push herself artistically. It’s easy to envision her amassing an eclectic body of work in the years to come. “Insecurities” is now available for streaming and downloading. 

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