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Moody Bank$ Offers An Evocative and Captivating EP, “Feeling Colors.” – IndiePulse Music Magazine

The Austin-based recording artist Moody Bank$ has a sultry, hypnotic voice, nothing short of spellbinding. While Moody has advertised “Feeling Colors” as an EP, its amount of material could technically qualify it as an LP. 

Overall, “Feeling Colors” has more of a 90s Classic Soul feel through traditional 70s influence. The opener, “Note To Self,” is an atmospheric instrumental piece with little more than light vocalizations from Moody. She sets the literal tone of the record as something that’s more transferable than premeditated. 

Moody exists in 5D, and it’s up to the rest of us to level up. “Work It Out” appears to be the first single from “Feeling Colors” that features a music video. The hook/chorus of “Work It Out” is slightly derivative in the best way. The track exemplifies Moody’s craftsmanship and grasp of sustenance.

“Awe Of You” exhibits Moody’s vocal range’s airy and effortless quality. This is a beautiful track that feels both nostalgic and modern. Moody’s use of setting and tonality cannot be overstated.

On the surface, “Easy Bake” seems like one of the more toned-down songs on the album. In actuality, it’s a heartfelt lament to a lover who continues to play the field. Moody doesn’t so much object or even plea; she simply makes her case to be the one and only in someone’s life. 

The intro of “La La La” is deceptively low vibrational before seamlessly transitioning into one of the entire arrangements on the record. This one somehow straddles focused centeredness with a genuine sense of urgency.

What Moody Bank$ has achieved with “Feeling Colors” without a drop of hyperbole is borderline monumental. From a production and compositional standpoint, “Feeling Colors” is on par with what Carole King would have released. Moody sings about love as a state of being and loss as only a temporary state of mind. This record is nothing short of a must-listen and hell of a cliffhanger for whatever comes next from Moody Bank$.

WORK IT OUT (Director’s Cut)

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