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Reina Subramanian’s Debut Single “Breath Slow” Is Out – IndiePulse Music Magazine

Multi-talented actor, singer & model Reina Subramanian dropped her first single, “Breath Slow”, on 2nd December. Reina shared another window of her talent with her fans with this release. “Breath Slow” is the first single of her upcoming five songs, recorded in the summer of 2022.

Kevin Andreas produced the new single. Dennis Glazov and Reina herself wrote the lyrics and composition of the song. And the summary of the track was captured on the cover art by Roopesh Yagnashakaran.

The song is arranged around synth music and the percussive beat with a clapping sound. When Reina Subramanian’s voice enters the song, it sounds calm and sweet. Like a unique, distinctive, and heavenly voice. Throughout the song, supporting voices and echoes make this composition catchy and resonate in my mind even after listening to the track.

Reina Subramanian was connected to art from an early age. She learned South Indian classical dance and performed for six years in many dance productions. The rhythm was always in her, which led her to discover music. Her enrollment in voice, ballet, jazz, and acting training increased over time.

Reina is truly inspired by the music of Taylor Swift, Lorde, and Lana Del Rey. With her brilliant debut single “Breath Slow”, Reina Subramanian will have a long run in the music industry.

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